Today, we are constantly surrounded by different mediums that shape every part of our daily life. Most of the time we are not really aware what impact the medium itself can have no us. We constantly gather information from the internet; we communicate with everyone from everywhere, we absorb every image by its representation and we produce images strongly based on how-they-should-be. While doing so, the medium hides somewhere behind all the information, communication, representation and ideas of how something ought to be. As designers and human beings, we should be able to see and understand each medium and its system to judge and react upon them. In order to reveal a medium, we have to go against their normal use or norm and create the possibilities of failures. This book connects my main findings onto a coherent image content by revealing several mediums like the producer or user, printer, scanner and photo camera. Each failed image can be precisely observed and gives us the possibility to look beyond the representation onto the medium itself.

“It allows one to also see the damaged plate of glass from which the print was made, thus making the viewer’s glance switch endlessly between the representation and the network of cracks interrupting it.”
_Maria Zinfert

*  Master Thesis
*  Mentors: Michael Renner, Marion Fink,
   Nicolaj van der Meulen

*  Basel School of Design HGK FHNW
*  2018