This catalogue was created for the exhibition StrohGold at the cultural museum in Basel. StrohGold exhibits a collection of cultural objects and creates new contexts through innovative combinations. Various cultural elements as materials, religious or political beliefes, techniques and objects are combined and transformed. Additionally the exhibition itself changes twice a year by alternating artists and their works. Therefore this book is a reflection and addition to StrohGold by transforming various elements of the exhibition into something new. It creates new combinations through different patterns, forms or structures and reveals the diversity of materials by adding a layer of rasterisation to each object. Also the aspect of cultural impact and translation of one culture to the next and the important factor of inspiration throughout the exhibition is shown. New images were created by translating objects and their materials like glass, plastic, fabric or metal with acryl onto paper. 

*  Art Direction class with Marion Fink
*  Collaboration with Ieva Zuklyte
*  Basel School of Design HGK FHNW
*  2017