Revealing the medium is an attempt to expose systems through failures. Today we are surrounded by hundreds of mediums everyday. Marshall McLuhan mentions that most of the time we are not really aware what impact the medium itself can have on us. Maybe a broken screen lets us understand the phone as a device and rethink of how we use it. As Michel Serres states: “Kein System ohne Parasit.” No system works perfectly, but a parasite or failure can not only break a system, it can also change it by revealing something that was hidden before. Failures can take us beyond assumptions and what we think we know. This book analyses various mediatheoretical thoughts and connects different critical ideas in order to think about medias and their influences in a bigger picture.

“Artists have long turned their attention to the unrealizability of the quest for perfection, or the open-endedness of experiment, using both dissatisfaction and error as means to rethink how we understand our place in the world.”
_Lisa Le Feuvre

*  Master Thesis
*  Mentors: Michael Renner, Marion Fink, 

   Nicolaj van der Meulen

*  Basel School of Design HGK FHNW
*  2018

*  Written Thesis