Genusswoche Basel 2019

The aim of the fair Genusswoche Basel 2019 was to promote joy and diversity of local food. The focus was set on regionality, seasonality, naturalness and freshness as well as the joint experience of diverse enjoyment. The concept for the design is based on the idea to visualize experiences of enjoyment. The various experiences of food should flood through our body — they should take over and give us the opportunity to discover new possibilities. Therefore, four local and recognizable edibles have been illustrated — their clear shapes and colors are understandable yet offer opportunities for reinterpretation. The colors of the edibles pass over to us and show the diverse joy of the Genusswoche Basel.

Collaboration with Fabio Mario Rizzotti
Print: Serigraphie Uldry AG, CH
Font: Suisse Int'l 
905 × 1280 mm