Swing Productions – Lindy Hop Dance School

The history of Lindy Hop began in the African American communities of Harlem, New York during the late 1920s in conjunction with swing jazz. It is a fantastic dance full of joy and happiness. Lindy Hop can be wild and spontaneous, with kicks and crazy body movements, or it can be slow, sophisticated and relaxed. Lindy Hop is considered a cultural phenomenon that broke through the race barrier when segrega-tion was still the norm. It was one of the first dances that allowed black and white people to dance in the same ballroom. Also today, Lindy Hop doesn’t differentiate, not even between leader and follower or men and women. The new concept for the dance studio Swing Productions transmits the feeling of freedom, music interpretation and happiness through abstract forms that allow a much more open interpretation of the dance. The emotions of the dance were interpreted and visualized through various abstract forms and patterns.

Brand Identity
logo, business cards, flyers, stickers, content for social media
Print: Drucksalon Zürich, CH
Paper: Lessebo Rough Bright, 240 g/m2 and 300 g/m2
Font: Papanekst